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I’m posting this here so it’s easier to find the coupon address, once my Tweet on the subject fades from the timeline of life like a tiny little drop of dew, evaporated by the fierce sun of ongoing twonversation.

How come I’m helping to offer a discount on this piece of software? No, not because I’m getting some kind of backhander for doing so. I’m not. I’m passing it on simply because I think you might like it.

Scrivener is my office. Since I discovered it a couple of years ago, it has replaced every other application I once used to write with — and there were a lot, trust me: I’m a certifiable software junkie — with the occasional exception of Word (after nine novels and seventy short stories written in the bloated behemoth, from time to time its quirky ways call to me, like an uncomfortable sofa which I’m wearily accustomed to). For everything else — and this includes prose, planning, information-gathering, treatment-writing, jotting screenplay notes, even collecting recipes — Scrivener is now where things happen. It’s where I’m banging out this blog post right now, naturally.

The developer has approached a few of his loyal users to offer a discount on the application, and I’m delighted to pass that on via the Twitter coupon below. If you’re writing on a Mac, you want Scrivener. There’s a ton of features to support every style of wordsmithing known to man (and more very cool additions on the way) but it’s also easy to jump in and start writing, learning extra tricks and using other tools as you go along, refining your workspace and flow as you learn what works for you. You can lob Word files into it, and export your work back out again with astonishing sophistication, even write to Final Draft format… It really is the Mission Control of writing, and yet very light on its feet.

But hey — enough of my yakking. There’s a 30-day trial available, and the coupon link below gives you 20% off if you decide to take the plunge.

No, don’t thank me. The pleasure on your faces will be enough. And do pass it on — this isn’t just limited to followers. It’s a discount bonanza. I must be mad. Or not me, actually, as it doesn’t cost me anything. The developer must be mad. Actually, maybe he is mad. But he makes a lovely piece of software anyway.

Check it out.


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