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Every now and then I post a video I’ve found on Twitter. Nothing unusual there – lots of people do. But I tend to do it largely when I’ve found a video of something weird or a little bit spooky, either an alleged ghost or footage of somewhere abandoned or something along other general Fortean lines.

I did it earlier today, with both the UK Fairy Insect (obviously a fake, but a very nicely done one) and then put up the classic Duende video, for those who hadn’t seen it.

@abiblackmore asked me if I had any more, and to honest, I found I didn’t – of that quality, anyway. But in the never-ending quest to avoid doing some proper work, I fired up MacTubes (a great app for perusing and downloading YouTube videos) and had a look around. I found a video showing three alleged ‘ghosts’ – none of them as convincing as the Duende video, but still, plenty creepy all the same. I posted it.

A few minutes later I logged onto Twitter again to find a tweet alerting me to the fact my number of followers had just gone up… to 666.

Not a big deal. Meaningless. But still, you gotta love it.

The video, in case you’re interested was this one. But be careful.

1. They are, to be fair, brilliant.

2. The old joke about the desire for a kebab being an excellent indication of whether someone’s drunk or not… remains both funny and true.

3. In your teens and twenties you eat a doner, obviously. In your thirties you go posh and healthy, and order and wait for a shish. Then in your forties you go retro, nostalgic and I-want-it-now, and return to doner, with some relief.

4. How very English of us to choose a convenience food which is really quite hard to hold, eat, or wrangle in any way. Even to digest, especially if you go boldly overboard on the chili sauce, which you will. It’s more of an inconvenience food, especially when a bit drunk (which you will of course be, see point 2).

5. The best kebabs I’ve ever eaten, by miles and miles, are from the Casba kebab house on Western Road, Hove. Yes, it’s worth making a special trip. Even from America.

A Japanese noun expressing the beauty that only time can reveal. A rusted lock, a house settling into itself, a person marked and enriched by experience.

[Seen in IN OTHER WORDS, by C. J. Moore]

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